帕特里克县 商会, Stuart, Virginia
帕特里克县 - Stuart, Virginia - Blue Ridge Mountains


The 蓝岭汽车旅馆 is a historical motel with a retro flare. Built in 1963, that nostalgic feel is still prevalent today. Clean, comfortable, and affordable for all your overnight needs. 蓝岭汽车旅馆 – Located adjacent Parkway Milepost 177.7号,58号国道往西75码. 除了我们优越的地理位置, 我们提供卫星电视, 电热空调, 地毯, 浴缸 & 淋浴. Check out our low rates, free WiFi and clean and quiet rooms. 签证 & MC接受. 全年开放. Call (276) 952-2244 for reservations or more information.
丹牧场,弗吉尼亚州24120-9507   276-952-2244
本地所有及经营. Hours of operation: Monday - Wednesday: 6:00am-2:00pm ; Thursday and 星期五: 6:00am-7:00pm ; Saturday: 6:00am-2:00pm and Closed on Sundays
亚拉腊,弗吉尼亚州24053   276-251-5232
弗吉尼亚最大的酒庄. 离公园大道一箭之遥, 欢迎游客参观我们的设施, taste the gold medal wines while surrounded by the magnificent beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Chateau Morrisette restaurant plans to reopen in June 2023. Mr. 和夫人. David Morrisette的儿子Oshie (A.K.A. Smiley) has graduated from CIA (Culinary Institute of America) in California and is back busily preparing for the restaurant grand opening. There will be traditional and new chef prepared delicacies. 了解更多信息, 食物的选择, 或者预订, 联系莫里塞特酒庄,电话:540-593-9229.
邮政总局766号信箱   Floyd, VA 24091   540-593-2865/540-593-9229
"Circle K" Convenient stores have a hot bar and deli. 城里最好吃的烤鸡,还有热狗. 精致的咖啡吧和喷泉饮料. Officially changed name from "On the Run" to "Circle K" 2018. Locations are Stuart, Floyd, Hillsville and Ridgeway.
邮政信箱31号,   斯图尔特,弗吉尼亚州24171   276-694-3772/1-800-950-3772
本地拥有和经营. 家常菜. 早餐,午餐和晚餐. 呼叫服务时间. 克劳德维尔邮局隔壁的103号公路.
克劳德维尔,弗吉尼亚州24076   276-251-7609
三明治店,餐饮商 工作时间:上午七时三十分至下午五时三十分 斯图尔特埃拉姆斯维尔路23号 (540) 269-3167
弗吉尼亚州斯图尔特     540-269-3167
We are proud to provide our customers the best meal possible every time you visit our restaurant. Our chef insists on the finest ingredients: basil, oregano, rosemary and olive oil. We make all of our dough from scratch throughout the day. 我们小批量地准备调味汁. 我们每顿饭都是订餐. 我们总是用最新鲜的食材. We keep the passion for authentic Italian cooking burning every day. “我们保证品质和新鲜度”. We are proud of our authentic Italian food so much that we guarantee if you are not completely satisfied, 让我们知道,我们会纠正的! It is always a pleasure to serve you at Elizabeth’s.
P. O. 236年的盒子,   帕特里克斯普林斯,弗吉尼亚州24133   276-694-2630
新的天篷,新的照明,新的油泵. 最近重新装修了内部 真正的优质位置. 披萨,啤酒,彩票,汽油,零食. 自动取款机. 交通便利,位于Rt路口. 克劳德维尔高速公路103号和海切尔教堂路交口.
克劳德维尔,弗吉尼亚州24076   276-251-8577
莱昂纳多比萨店和小酒馆,用餐 & 拿出开胃菜, 沙拉, 统一资源, 特色披萨, 饮料, 烤箱烤潜艇, 板特价, 包装) 工作时间:周一:闭馆 周二至周四上午11点至下午2点 星期五上午11点到下午2点,下午4点到晚上8点 星期六下午3-8点 桑迪:关闭
斯图尔特,弗吉尼亚州24171   276-694-2826
周一至周三闭馆 周四11:00am-8:00pm 星期五 & 星期六上午十一时至晚上九时 星期日上午11:30至下午4:00
丹的草地,弗吉尼亚州24120   276-952-6500
This is the most photographed location on the Blue Ridge Parkway! 它建于1910年, 还有历史悠久的水力磨粉机, sawmill and nearby blacksmith shop provide you with a view of pioneer life along the Parkway. Self-guided tours include a sorghum mill, soap making kettle, and an "old time" whiskey still. 马布里磨坊以其石头磨砂而闻名, 麦片, 还有荞麦粉, which is why travelers and locals alike come back year after year for the Mabry Mill餐厅's famous buckwheat cakes and country ham, 和弗吉尼亚烤肉. The Mabry's Mill Gift/Craft Store is stocked with a great selection of handmade gift items and regional crafts.
蓝岭公园大道一英里邮政176号.1,   丹的草地,弗吉尼亚州24120   276-952-2947
泡菜 & Ash is a restaurant, 市场, bar, and community gathering place. The interior will be home to our restaurant kitchen, 市场, 桌子的座位, 和酒吧休息区有利于游戏, 阅读, 放松 & 社交活动. 泡菜 & Ash is locatd at 21559 Jeb Stuart Hwy, 弗吉尼亚州斯图尔特 24171. Our menus change with our creative desire as well as seasonal necessity. We are committed to fresh foods with local origins, prepared from scratch using recipes inspired by Appalachia and beyond. This summer we are planning to add additional guest seating, 户外游戏, 火坑, 附近还有一辆餐车. WE ARE CURRENTLY OPERATING ON A RESERVATION ONLY STATUS FOR DINNER & 早午餐,我们的新事业就开始了. 请致电276-694-4405预订! WE LOOK FORWARD TO SERVING YOU SOME DELICIOUS FOOD & 喝! 我们的目标 We want to help grow a sense of place in our community by supporting the sustainability of local foodways, encouraging community engagement and participating in civic restoration while remaining a venue for inspiration and celebration via art, 音乐, 一起进餐, 和集会.
斯图尔特,弗吉尼亚州24171   276-694-4405
Come to the beautiful community of Meadows of Dan. 这里是三明治, 冰淇淋, 新鲜的咖啡, souvineers, 汽油, 新鲜的蔬菜, 苹果, 桃子, plants and a lot more things you will find of interest. 世上最美味的香蕉片.
杰布斯图尔特路2616号.,   丹的草地,弗吉尼亚州24120   276-952-2670
Primland is a luxurious back-to-nature escape unfolding across the highlands of Virginia in all their smoke-hued grandeur, the Blue Ridge Mountains are a natural paradise of forest-cloaked peaks and sun-dappled valleys. 在这片原始荒野的中心, 春兰度假村(Primland Resort)也有自己的12座,000英亩山地地产. From the regal Lodge with its skirt of emerald fairways to its romantic log cabins and treehouses perched above the Dan River Gorge, 蜿蜒的小径通向无数的新发现. Wander the banks of streams alive with trout and chance upon a deer, silhouetted in a backlit glade. Experience the rush of mountain biking balanced with the rejuvenation of the Auberge Spa. Gaze at primeval views and star-filled skies from an on-property observatory, 沐浴在大自然的宁静中. 在春兰度假村每一刻都是一个品味.
破石路2000号   丹的草地,弗吉尼亚州24120   276-633-4413
primland.com的原始弗吉尼亚餐饮设施, 建在旧马厩上, is available seasonally for breakfast or dinner and year-round for private parties and events. The 马厩轿车’s chef and culinary team have created classic and casual menus perfect for a hearty respite after a full day of activities. 休闲的服装.
丹的草地,弗吉尼亚州24120   276-222-3800
地铁吃新鲜! 提供新鲜制作的三明治和沙拉. There are variety of gourmet breads which are baked fresh daily. The sandwiches and salads are made in front of your eyes freshly. 你可以在餐厅用餐,也可以叫外卖. 提供各种冷热sub. 你也可以点我们的烤三明治. 还提供派对拼盘. 详情见商店. 我们位于东街109号. 蓝岭街,斯图尔特,弗吉尼亚州24171. 那是在镇上的8号公路上 & 58业务. Call-in for orders to 276-694-4444 or Fax 276-694-2393. 要查看我们的商店菜单,只需以下步骤: 1)点击网址www.地铁.com 2)点击餐厅定位器标签. 3)输入邮政编码“24171” 4)点击“本地商店网页” 5)然后点击菜单选项卡 6) Click on Subs, 沙拉 or Wrap to View different menus.
462号邮政信箱,   斯图尔特,弗吉尼亚州24171   276-694-4444
Our goal is to provide high quality food with first rate service at all times. We strive to support healthy eating using local farms and sustainable agriculture, 支持本地的工艺品, and to create a culture of respect for all people and our environment. We are dedicated to recycling and composting everything possible.
香港九龙公园道3351号   Floyd, VA 24091   540-745-3402/540-251-7814